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Varun Sharma is a Sommelier and Tea blender who founded VERTUS TEA, a premium tea brand that specializes in the unique flavors of Kangra tea. Varun's close connection to his hometown in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, inspired him to start this brand. Having grown up in a region that has a rich history of tea cultivation, Varun saw an opportunity to create a brand that would showcase the unique and exquisite flavors of Kangra tea to the world. With his years of experience in the beverage industry, Varun has crafted a collection of premium teas that cater to the diverse tastes of tea lovers worldwide. His passion for tea, commitment to quality, and dedication to supporting the local farmers has made VERTUS TEA a popular and well-respected brand in the world of tea.


In the town of Palampur nestled in the Kangra Valley, our remarkable journey, with Vertus Tea began. It all started back in 1901 when our visionary ancestors arrived here captivated by the landscapes the whispers of the Himalayan breeze and the abundance of tea gardens that adorned this region.

Mesmerized by the slopes and snow capped peaks that embraced Palampur they discovered a truly exceptional gift—an exquisite tea that would tell its own tale of excellence. Driven by their passion and a deep longing to share this treasure with the world they established the Palampur Tea Estate marking the birth of Vertus Tea.

Dholadhar and Tea

As tea planters, in the generation we continue the legacy that has been entrusted to us. We remain dedicated, to upholding the traditions that have been passed down through generations ensuring that the true essence of our single origin Kangra Tea is preserved. Each sip of Vertus Tea represents our dedication to simplicity, naturalness, purity, love and sustainability.

With great reverence for the land and its bounties, we cultivate our tea gardens in harmony with nature. The fertile soil and favorable microclimate of the Kangra Valley provide the perfect canvas for our tea bushes to thrive. Hand-plucking only the tenderest leaves, we ensure that each leaf is nurtured by the essence of the valley and infused with the spirit of our heritage.

In the spirit of our ancestors, we celebrate the purity and authenticity of Vertus Tea. Our tea is a reflection of the untouched beauty of Palampur, untouched by artificial additives or chemical interventions. From the moment the leaves are harvested to the final sip, we meticulously craft our tea using time-honored techniques, allowing the natural flavors and aromas to shine through.

Beyond the beverage itself, Vertus Tea embodies a deep-rooted connection with the community and the environment. We believe in the power of love—for the land, for the tea, and for the people who make it all possible. We embrace sustainable practices, ensuring that our tea gardens thrive for generations to come, and that the livelihoods of our farmers and workers are nurtured and protected.

The road ahead

With every cup of Vertus Tea, we invite you to embark on a journey of taste and tradition. From the first sip, you will be transported to the tranquil beauty of Palampur, where the mist dances among the tea bushes and the aroma of freshly brewed tea fills the air. Each sip is an invitation to savor the essence of this remarkable place and to connect with the profound heritage that flows through every drop.

As the sun rises over the Kangra Valley, casting a golden glow upon the tea gardens, we raise our cups in gratitude—to our ancestors, to the land, and to the tea enthusiasts who embrace the story of Vertus Tea. Join us on this extraordinary voyage, and together, let us celebrate the rich tapestry of Palampur and the remarkable flavors that await within each cup of Vertus Tea.

Founder's Message : 

My vision is to bring you tea of the highest quality. Tea that is fresh – rich in flavor and natural goodness – and at the same time gives workers back in my home state and my country a fairer deal. I pledged to make my business a matter of human service. I want to bring Kangra tea – the finest in the world – garden fresh and ethically produced, direct to tea lovers around the world. 

 Tea, as we know it in India, is not just a beverage. It is satiating soul food, an epitome of hospitality and a celebration of togetherness. VERTUS TEA is crafted to go beyond a mere drink. It is a non-traditional Artisanal blend. Ranging from the floral to the decadent, this young, premium-quality brand delivers a tea experience with superior-grade tea. The blends anchor the fine flavors of nature without any synthetic additives.  

We are involved in creating every tea blend to perfection, uniquely crafting each with meticulous care and ingenuity. Her sheer love for fine tea, sincerity to subtle flavors, and richness of taste find expression in VERTUS.

We have pioneered a comprehensive commitment to minimizing our impact on the planet, fostering respect for the environment, and ensuring its protection by encouraging a harmonious coexistence of man and nature.