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First Flush Black Tea

First Flush Black Tea

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Single Estate • High Quality Whole Leaf • Healthy Beverage • Estate to Cup

Finest hand plucked whole leaf black tea. This tea is picked during the first flush. This tea is personally selected by the family, and is always a limited edition small batch of tea every year. With a beautiful aroma of oakwood and a glowing amber colour, this tea is brisk and exciting. An undertone of soft tartness makes this tea is the perfect pick-me-up beverage throughout the day.

We recommend drinking this tea without any milk or sugar.
First Flush Black Tea is best served Hot.

Tea Type: Black Tea
Estate: Palampur, Kangra
Altitude: 4000ft
Caffeine Level: Medium

Net Weight:  100g
Suggested Serving Size: 2gms
Total Servings: 60 cups

Tea Blend: Whole Leaf Black Tea.
Taste: Brisk, Softly Tart.


Health Benefits:

  • Black tea has antioxidants which fights various chronic diseases.
  • Contains flavonoids which benefit heart health.
  • Suggested to lower blood sugar levels, reduce risk of stroke and lower blood pressure.
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What sets First Flush Black Tea apart from other black teas?

First Flush Black Tea is
renowned for its premium quality and the fact that it's harvested during the first spring growth, offering a fresh and delicate flavo

What are the potential benefits of First Flush Black Tea?

First Flush Black Tea is believed to provide potential benefits such as antioxidants, energy boost, and a delightful tea experience.


How should I prepare First Flush Black Tea for the best taste?

To brew First Flush Black Tea effectively, steep one tea bag in hot water (85-90°C) for 3-4 minutes. Customize your steeping time based on your preference. Enjoy it plain.

Does First Flush Black Tea contain caffeine?

Yes, First Flush Black Tea contains caffeine, offering a natural energy boost.

Why Premium Pricing ?

Our prices are premium in comparison to other tea brands.

We could reduce our prices.
But then, your Tea would not be:

- That fresh.
- Hand-picked/sorted, or hand-crafted.
- Stored in India's first cold storage.
- Delivered within a week.
- Impacting 3.5 M Indian tea pluckers.
- 100% Ethically transparent sourcing.
- Shielded from moisture, light, oxygen, heat.

With Vertus Tea you get the best for the cup & the community.🙏

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ameesha B
Amazing liquor and notes

I love the flavour of this tea. Very satisfying for my senses ( smell& taste). I highly recommend to taste for all those, who wants to get rid of stress.One cup in the morning/ evening sets the mood.

Rajeev R
Amazing Black tea Discovered

Im a big Black Tea fan and i can assure that me and my wife just had this amazing black tea from Vertus and we were happy to put this review